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"No more pain. I returned to do my daily activities."
I suffered severe lower back pain for the last 3 years. My pain level was unstable. I began to get leg pain last year.
When the pain was severe, I was not able to sleep or go up the stairs. It made me exhausted, and I couldn't do my daily activities.
I took a lot of pain pills, cortisone shots, and medical treatments. The drugs would relieve the pain for a while, but the pain would come back. Any treatment did not relieve my pain completely. Then, three months ago, I read an article from a health magazine. It said that an acupuncture treatment can relieve many kinds of pain, even sciatica.
It encouraged me to make a decision of taking the acupuncture treatment.
When I knocked the door of the Jera Wellness office, the acupuncturist, Christine, welcomed me in.

She was friendly and made me so relaxed. I got comprehensive consultation and accurate treatment from Christine.
I was given acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional guidelines. 
The acupuncture treatments are painless, relaxing, and was my time to nap.
I started noticing improvements the 2nd week of treatments.
I got 10 acupuncture treatments, and I was so satisfied with the result. Now I don't feel pain any more.

It was so unbelievable. 
But it's not a type of magic. That's the very power of acupuncture and oriental herbal medicine.
I think of Christine as my good friend and primary health care provider for my family.

I'm very thankful for her effort, kindness, and professional work.
"Thanks, Christine. I'm very happy to know you."

Lake Forest, CA


" I feel much younger."
Since last winter, I got some symptoms like hot flush, palpitation, and insomnia. I gained 22 pounds for 4 months.
I took hysterectomy two years ago when I was 46 years old.
After consultation with Christine, I found that my symptoms were menopause-related.

Christine gave me a three-step treatment plan, which included removing my current symptom, 
balancing hormones, and promoting metabolism for weight loss.
I took a regular treatment once a week for 3 months and followed every indication (diet pattern, exercise, nutrition, home herbal therapy....) that Christine taught me.
The result?
It was fabulous.
I no longer have menopause symptoms, and I feel much younger.
First of all, I was so happy that I lost 15 pounds during the treatment period.

Now, I'm on a regular schedule of "maintenance" treatments and supplements. 
I am a very fortunate person to be cared for by Christine.
I have confidence that I can now make the correct choices.


Irvine, CA


"The results were very good. I felt better after the 2nd period of treatments."

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with sinus infection and allergies. I couldn't breathe because of the infection. I was congested, had headaches, and my eyes were always itchy. I could not concentrate because I was congested all the time.
I went to a medical doctor, and they prescribed drugs. I took prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, Allegra and Flonase (a nasal spray).

For two years I took the medications, but they did not help at all. 
So I decided to try a natural treatment and started with acupuncture treatments and took herbal teas. 
The results were very good. I felt better after the 2nd period of treatments. 
I no longer take drug medications or use nasal spray. I have more energy, and am more relaxed and concentrated.
I feel very good about the results because I know that natural medicine works. It takes some time and patience, but eventually it pays off.
I would refer others and encourage them to try acupuncture.



Fullerton, CA


"I noticed positive results pretty immediately, and I started feeling better within a month."
I have been a smoker for over 25 years. 
I was tired, and I got sick easily with colds. It just dragged me down, and I would be tired before I started work. I tried the patch, which did not help me at all.
Then this summer, my friend referred me to Dr. Christine's acupuncture clinic. 
Before my treatment, I didn't have a strong trust about oriental medicine.
I received acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, & dietary guidelines. 
The acupuncture was painless, and the herbs were not bad. 
I noticed positive results pretty immediately, and I started feeling better within a month. 
I had in increase in energy. I am happy and motivated. Now I also retain water better. I am very happy about the results, and now my friends and family are happy for me.





I suffered from irregular periods since I was a teenager. 
I have always had irregular periods combined with low energy and severe cramping. 
Also, every one week before my period, I started getting a really bad migraine.
I took pain killers for the condition, but the results were just temporary. 
My friend told me that acupuncture treatments would be  very helpful in reducing 

PMS, and she referred me to Dr. Christine Lee. 
I began getting acupuncture and taking herbal medicine. 
The next month, an unbelievable thing happened. 
"No cramping, no headaches."
Two months later, my periods became regular (every month & 28-day cycles).
I was so happy with the result. It was a big change in my life.
If somebody has the same problem with me, I would strongly recommend acupuncture.
"Don't hesitate to take the acupuncture treatment. You'll see a big difference."



Orange, CA


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